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Getting Hacked Isn't Always a Bad Thing

Where Code, Culture and communication Meet


We partner with existing organizations to host immersive, data-driven workshops. Our learning methodology prioritizes hands-on activities supported by peer mentoring and structured interactions. Curriculum development and improvements are based on attendee and organizer feedback. 

Graduating attendees are partnered with companies who have been carefully screened, gaining hands-on technical experience and essential communication skills to support their professional career goals.

These are based on industry best practices such as Agile, Lean and Stanford's Design Thinking process.

Curating company Culture

We work with developers and tech companies to help improve culture and communication in the workplace through experiential learning such as hands-on activities and facilitator-led discussions. We work in the event space with tech conferences to ensure inclusive messaging, proactive outreach and conference policies that keep everyone safe.  

For hiring, we provide diversity and inclusion evaluations with strategy planning to increase interest from prospective applicants of diverse backgrounds while reducing turnover of employees from historically underrepresented groups in computer science. 

High Impact Hackathons

We help event organizers deliver memorable hackathons focused on collaboration, critical thinking and measurable outcomes of social good. Delivering for multiple stakeholders is essential for event success and we make event logistics and learning objectives a priority. 

Our experienced staff can manage event registration and promotion, securing event venues, registering volunteers, negotiating with vendors, A/V equipment and craft effective event agendas, surveys and break out sessions.


leveraging immersive and experiential learning, our organization seeks to:

  1. Increase participation of STEM-based programs by girls and historically underrepresented youth between the ages of 12-17
  2. Support learning opportunities that leverage mentoring and collaboration
  3. Increase inclusion and diversity efforts in the STEM workplace
  4. Provide sustainable mentoring opportunities for tech workers
  5. Increase participation in Open Source Software by women and historically underrepresented groups

Our Mission

Everyone Hacks is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Oakland, California. We're on a mission to improve the cultural landscape in technology by inviting everyone to the table. We deliver strategic technology solutions for companies and host immersive training programs, workshop events and high impact hackathons that are inclusive from the start.

We operate on the triple-bottom line business model: social, financial, environmental.

Our goal is to bring together the next generation of youth and developers who will embrace their entrepreneurial spirit, work together to find solutions and stay motivated to keep searching for opportunities to improve the world they live in.

Created for developers by developers.

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We're looking for interesting client projects in the Bay Area that have a mission of social good. We're interested in talking with companies, creatives and coders who want to contribute, collaborate and build community.

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